I'm Cory. I design and build web products. I'm from Orange County, CA but settled down in Tampa, FL after a few years traveling the U.S. in my RV.

You can learn more about me on Twitter or Instagram.

As a design generalist, I enjoy owning the entire product design stack from concept to completion:

1. Product ideation and roadmap planning
2. Wireframing (Balsamiq)
3. Copywriting
4. User validation and testing
5. Product design (Figma)
6. Prototyping (Figma)
7. Building out the front end (React, Tailwind CSS, Rails + haml + SASS, scss, less, jQuery)

Additionally, I have experience in producing web videos, tutorials, and product walk-throughs.

I'm a Lead Designer at PostHog. When I have time, I'm also building RV Envy. I also manage Posthaven and FolioHD (the very site you're reading this on right now!).

Co-founder at Brightback (acquired by Chargebee in 2020)
First designer at Heap (acquired by Contentsquare in 2023)
Co-founder at Preact (acquired by Spotify in 2016)

In the past, I've done quite a bit of consulting in the automotive space for companies like Kelley Blue Book and Carvana. I also designed and built most of themes available for the blogging platform Posterous. (Posterous was acquired by Twitter in 2012.)